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Leaders in the Northfield area are reviewing local affordable housing data and taking collaborative action to improve housing options for children and youth from low-income households.

Find more information about the City of Northfield’s 2021 housing study.

Housing and education are important foundations for future success that underpin many aspects of mobility from poverty. Although both the housing and education sectors are on the front lines of addressing these challenges, much of this work has been done in silos. Thanks to Northfield Promise’s close connection with StriveTogether, our community has the opportunity to work with Enterprise, a national housing nonprofit with 40 years of experience in addressing America’s shortage of affordable rentals and homes.

Northfield Promise’s work with Enterprise began in 2021 and resulted in this initial report:

Housing + Education in Northfield Alojamiento + Educación en Northfield

The work to better collaborate across the local housing and education sectors continues, with the goal of supporting a community-wide affordable housing strategy that improves access to safe, energy-efficient housing for children and youth from low-income households.

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