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Structured for Success

Northfield Promise’s structure is intentionally designed for broad community participation, engagement and leadership. The key bodies within Northfield Promise include:

Council of Champions+

This group, composed of leaders of the largest community institutions, meets quarterly and provides key leadership to Northfield Promise. Champions are committed to using their “organizational muscle” to advocate for Northfield Promise and access resources to help achieve Action Team plans.

Steering Commitee+

This group is composed of committed community partners, HCI board members and the chairs of the Action Teams. The committee oversees day-to-day efforts, assists with framework development, leads communications efforts and recruits members and stakeholders.

NREEC Members+

Action Teams+

Action Teams are composed of individuals or institutions interested in the Action Team’s focus area. Each team is charged with developing a plan to help see community change in 1 or 2 of the Northfield Promise benchmarks.

Active Action Teams include:

  • Ready for Kindergarten
  • Reading
  • Career and College Readiness
  • Social-Emotional Action Team

Teams are open to anyone who is interested in being involved. Contact us to learn more and sign up!

Data Team+

Data Team members have expertise in evaluation and data analysis. They work with the Action Teams to review and analyze data to assist each team’s work. Data Team members also help compile data for the annual Northfield Promise Report to the Community.

HCI Board & Staff+

Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) serves as the backbone for Northfield Promise, providing the staff support for Northfield Promise. For a list of HCI Board members and staff, visit here