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Collective Impact

Aligning Around Goals

Collective impact strives to align the major community institutions around a shared set of goals. Rather than working in isolation, collective impact has proven that community-level change can best be accomplished by working collaboratively toward measurable goals. Contact us to be part of this community-level change.

Get Involved

Built on a Three-step Framework

Measure what Matters

Collective impact is a data-driven effort. For Northfield Promise, this consists of the 10 benchmarks and metrics used to measure change year-over-year.

Identify Best Practices

We research best-practice efforts underway in Northfield and in other communities and introduce these approaches for potential adoption here.

Spread What Works

When efforts are achieving desired results, collective impact works to share them more broadly so they can be adopted by other local organizations.


StriveTogether is the national leader in collective impact. HCI has adopted the StriveTogether framework for Northfield Promise, as the organizations have a shared belief that education is a lifelong experience that begins well before a child ever sets foot in a classroom and continues long past a cap-and-gown commencement.

The StriveTogether approach brings together cross-sector community leaders and practitioners to improve outcomes for kids.

While many Strive communities have focused exclusively on academic benchmarks, Northfield partners repeatedly stressed the need for the continuum to include both academic and social/emotional/physical development benchmarks.