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Northfield High School Students Share Career Interests

January 13, 2016

The career fields diagram, delineating six different areas.This fall, over 1,000 Northfield High School students took time to share their thoughts on their future goals and aspirations. This career interest survey asked students what areas they would possibly like to go into once they complete high school.

Results indicated that healthcare and engineering were among the careers of greatest interest. Manufacturing, technology, business, arts, and human services were also frequently cited as popular interest areas for students.

Moreover, 90% of students indicated that they wanted to go on to some form of postsecondary education after high school with goals ranging from certificate programs to advanced degrees.

How are the results being used?

  • As career panels, internships, and job shadowing opportunities are planned this year, students are receiving personal invitations to attend sessions in their expressed areas of interest.
  • The survey results were shared with members of the Northfield High School staff at a staff meeting in December. Financial resources and staff support are available for teachers who would like to further integrate career exploration and planning into their courses.
  • The results will be used by the new Northfield Promise “Career & College Readiness Action Team” that will begin meeting this month. Comprised of school, business, postsecondary and other community partners, this group will work to increase opportunities for youth to gain exposure to different kinds of career options during their K-12 years.

For more information on the survey results – or to join the Northfield Promise Career & College Readiness Action Team, please contact Sandy Malecha at

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